upcoming events

We currently do not have any upcoming events. However, to see us perform please go to our concerts page for more information on our upcoming concerts.

past events

Private Wedding | St. Martin’s Church, Shutford | October 2023

We sung three songs and three hymns at a private wedding in Shutford to make the couple’s day extra special and our efforts were greatly appreciated.

“Your singing played a large part in making our ceremony very special. Standing at the front and hearing this stunning music coming from the back of the church was just beautiful. Thank you again so much!”

We wish them both best of luck in their future lives together!

Anthems at International Cricket Game | July 2023

We were invited to sing The National Anthems at the fourth one-day international cricket match between England and Australia in the 2023 Grey Ashes. Although the weather delayed the start, the players were on top form and in the end England won this fourth and deciding match of the ODI series! …..of course it must have been our Jerusalem that helped them to this achievement… :o)